Resize multiple Audiofiles

Fair point, I guess if people are coming to FMOD directly from a DAW background, with FMOD laid out in very DAWey ways then we subconsciously expect it to behave like a DAW - and editing multiple clips simultaneously is obviously a ubiquitous feature across all DAWs - so when it unexpectedly doesn’t then it can be a bit jarring!

Thinking more about how you’re tracking requests, do you think it may be worth adding the ‘vote’ feature to the forum? Steinberg have that on their forums (which are also Discourse based) and it gives a quick indication to how many people are interested in a new feature mentioned on a thread (although please don’t limit the votes like they do!)

No. People who use this forum can already indicate their interest in a feature without specialized voting tools; the only additional benefit that voting tools would provide is making the number of people who’ve requested a feature more visible - and that number isn’t very useful on its own.

When deciding what features to implement next, the number of people who’ve requested a feature is just one of many factors that we take into account. We also take into account the amount of utility a new feature would provide to people who use it, our best estimates as to how many people who’ve never dreamed of the feature might use it if we added it, the amount of time and effort a feature would require to implement, whether we would have to add other feature first to make the new featutre work, whether a new feature would break any existing features, whether the benefit of the feature could be achieved through existing means, whether adding a different new feature could achieve the same benefit in addition to its primary benefits, and a host of other factors. As a result, the number of people who have requested a feature is at best a very inaccurate guide for which features we will prioritize and when.

Fair enough, it was more a suggestion to save you the hassle of replying to everyone who asks to be included on the interest list for a feature!