Reverb Bus Passes Audio Even Within Muted Group

Hi Folks,
Our project consists of a number of activities that are accessed via a central hub. Each activity and the hub has its own group for its events. The groups are muted / unmuted based on where you navigate to from the hub.
I noticed in a recent iOS build that I was able to hear a referenced event in one of the activities, even after existing that activity. I found the culprit to be the event being sent to a reverb that goes directly to the Master. I confirmed the same issue in the Unity editor.

Once I realized what was going on, I duplicated the reverb return, brought it into the activity’s group, and reassigned the send. However, the problem remained until I moved the Reverb plugin to post-fader on the return group.

I’ve yet to test this with an event that’s not being referenced to another event.

We’re using FMOD 2.02.04 and Unity 2021.3.2.f1

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Matt

I just realized that this particular event is being referenced, but is also assigned to a bank.

Removing it from the bank fixes the issue, even when setting the plugin pre-fader. Seems like a bug to me.



This all sounds like expected behavior, could I get a screen shot of the base event and nested events and the mixer?

Is the event still making noise outside of its area?

Hi Connor,
Thanks for your response. I’ve attached to screenshots from the mixer; one with the referenced event in focus, and the other with the reverb.

Just so I understand, it’s expected behaviour for a reverb on a muted group to still be audible from an event that is referenced and also assigned to a bank?

Thanks, Matt

Thank you for the clarification and the screen shots.

The reason you are still able to hear the reverb is it dose not follow the same channels as the events that are being muted. Sound from the reverb is routed directly to the master group while the event groups are being muted.

A alternative solution would be using parameters attached to the fader and sender values on nested and parent events. This way you can be sure everything is being muted and unmuted and no sound is sneaking through.