FMOD event audio not routing through group bus


I’ve got a bunch of events that I’ve grouped in the mixer window in to a group called Music. A Mixer Strip is present for the group. When I playback any sounds, or play my Unity game with LiveUpdate on, I can see a bouncing meter for the master bus, but nothing on the meter for the group’s mixer strip.

Moving the fader on the group bus mixer strip while sound is playing as above has no effect.

Setting the level of the group bus from Unity has no effect. I’m using this code:

musicBus = FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.GetBus("bus:/Music");

I’m at a bit of a loss really. What I’m aiming to do is duck the level of all the music when a voice over starts. I’d thought to group all the music items together using a bus, then create a parameter to control the volume of the bus from Unity.

Thanks for any help or pointers.


Are you using any Resonance Audio effects in your project? They bypass normal bus routing, leading to there being no audible signal between the Soundfield and Source effects and the Listener effect. Fortunately, they do check and respect the fader levels of buses in the routing path they’re bypassing, so if you are using those effects, your plan of automating the bus volume should still work.

If you’re not using Resonance Audio effects, there must be some other cause. Can you check which of the input and output meters of the event’s tracks show activity when you audition the event in FMOD Studio? If you find a track that has meterable input but no output, the issue is almost certainly somewhere in that track’s signal chain.

Thanks for your reply Joseph.

I am using Resonance Audio. So that explains the lack of metering on the group’s mixer strip.

However, the audible level doesn’t change when:

  1. Auditioning in FMOD Studio and changing the level slider for the group bus.
  2. Playing the game in Unity with Live Update on and changing the level slider for the group bus (the level does change when changing the volume of the master bus)
  3. Playing the game in Unity and attempting the change the level of the bus with code using the method described in the original post.
  4. Playing the game in Unity and attempting to change the level with a parameter set to automate the volume of the group bus - there’s an orange dot on the fader that does change as expected, but it doesn’t take the volume slider with it. (hope that makes sense)

Thanks again,


By way of an update, kind of, I’ve given up on trying to change the group level, and instead used a global parameter on the master track of each event individually. More tedious to implement, but it works :slight_smile: