Reverse the order of sounds in a Multi Instrument?

Hey hey there FMOD Forum,

Is there a way to reverse the order of a Multi Instrument’s playlist at any point in the playlist? Here’s what I’d like to do:

The game I’m working on has a 10 x 10 grid of dots that requires some UI sfx. By default, the grid’s cursor begins in the upper-left corner. As the player moves the D-pad (or analog stick), the grid’s dots get highlighted to cover all dots the player hovers over (as opposed to simply moving from one single dot to another single dot).

I’d love to be able to set a hover sound that increases in pitch as it moves further to the right, but then decreases in pitch as it moves back to the left, effectively keeping track of which sound was just triggered and going backwards thru the playlist with every “left” input. The same idea will also apply to vertical movement.

Is there any way to do this inside of FMOD? Or will this require some coding?

Thank you!


You can’t do this with a multi instrument, but it’s trivially possible to adjust the pitch of a playing instrument by creating a parameter that represents the left-right position of your player and automating the instrument’s pitch property on that parameter.

If you’d prefer to avoid automation, you could instead create a parameter sheet for that parameter, and place differently-pitched instruments at different positions along the parameter sheet such that the instrument that plays depends on the player’s left-right position.

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I’m so sorry, I should have been more clear intially: I’m designing a (somewhat insane) grid of always-complementary sounds that work both vertically and horizontally. With that in mind, each “hover sound that increases in pitch” is actually a different audio file entirely. In this case, using the pitch shifter won’t work for me (though it’s a great suggestion to keep things simple!).

A parameter sheet is going to be the way we do this, since it allows for precise control over the event’s audio files. Thank you, @joseph !

From what you describe, I really think you shouldn’t bother at all with fmod implmentation. Assign the right sound with the right formula directly in the game code, it will be way simpler… If you want to use fmod anyway, keep the logic in the game code and use programmer instruments.
If you’re using ue4 blueprints, I can help.