Rocket Launcher Sound

I’m a bit of a noob with Fmod Studio so I need help trying to figure something out.
I have two related events:

  1. A rocket launcher being fired, which includes a sound object of the propulsion of the rocket through the air. It’s called “Rocket_Launcher”
  2. The rocket exploding on impact. Called “Rocket_Launcher_Hit”
    How do I have the sound object of the propulsion get interrupted when “Rocket_Launcher_hit” is triggered?
    I’m still getting to grips with the parameters and behaviours in Fmod Studio and find it can be a little confusing sometimes!

Do you mean the rocket will have a looping sound that is played as it flies? This sound will probably have to be stopped by the game engine on impact, at which point another “explosion” event could be triggered. If you absolutely want your rocket sound and explosion sound in the same FMOD event, you can have a looping event with a sustain point for the flying sound. When the rocket impacts, the sustain point may be released which would allow your event to trigger an explosion sound.

Hi Richard! Thanks for replying.
There’s no looping involved in this one.
Currently the Rocket_Launch sound contains: a smaller launch explosion, some mechanical operation sounds from the the rocket launcher, and then the “whooshing” propulsion sound of the rocket travelling through the air into the distance which has been edited before being added to Fmod (to have it’s volume, pitch and EQ change to make it sound more distant travels further away.)
The other event Rocket_Launch_Hit is the explosion of the rocket on Impact with.
What I’d like is for when the the Rocket_Launch_Hit event is activated, it should immediately stop the Rocket_Launch event from playing.

At it’s most basic, my question is, how can I use one event being activated to cause another event stopping.
It’s probably an incredibly easy solution but since I’m still getting to grips with this program I could be overlooking the most simple thing so you’ll have to excuse me.

Okay, so you just have one long trailing sound instead of a loop, that’s fine assuming you’re sure your rocket will never run too long before that sound ends.

  1. Editing the sound to trail off in the distance should not be done- this distance attenuation should be processed by fmod. Your rocket flight sound should be consistent.

  2. Stopping the rocket flight sound should be done by the game engine. The only way I can think of to have the impact sound “stop” the launch sound would still be to use a sustain point. Past the sustain point, kill the volume on the launch sound and insert the explosion sound. This way when the engine releases the sustain point, the explosion will trigger. Ideally though, I would make them each their own event and have the programmers stop the flight sound on impact, and trigger the explosion sound.

Ok. Thanks for the advice!