Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo

I am usign fmod lowlevel
Record example does not work getRecordNumDrivers < 0.

So i try with system->setOutput(FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_OPENSL); this work but the audio is glitched and very noisy… Is there a way to register with this device?

That is correct, only FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_OPENSL supports recording, FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_AUDIOTRACK does not.

Depending on the capabilities of the phone, FMOD will choose between the two output systems for best latency and stability.

To use OpenSL on this device, consider calling System::setDSPBufferSize(1024, 4), this will increase latency but should help the stuttering.

Please note there is an error in the record example that reproduces a problem much like you describe when tested on our Galaxy S4. The code that calculates the ‘playbackRate’ to compensate for drift should look like the following (note the int casts).

int playbackRate = nativeRate;
if (actualLatency < (int)(adjustedLatency - driftThreshold)) 
    /* Play position is catching up to the record position, slow playback down by 2% */
    playbackRate = nativeRate - (nativeRate / 50); 
else if (actualLatency > (int)(adjustedLatency + driftThreshold))
    /* Play position is falling behind the record position, speed playback up by 2% */
    playbackRate = nativeRate + (nativeRate / 50);

I already try that… Unfortunately no luck.
I have 3 problems here:

  1. very noisy (as in a rainy day)
  2. every few millisecs i heard a silence (with noise) so my voice stutter
  3. after few seconds i heard part of the voice i already registered (example i say “one, two three, four” i heard “one twone three fourtwo”)

I was almost ready to publish my app since i tested this with 20 devices but i saw that 18 of them works good 2 of them does not.
Samsung galaxy s3 neo and Motorola G2…

Now i am not sure if could release the app at all as it could have a lot of issue.

I’ve updated my answer to include a note about a bug in our example code, if your code is based on it the problem may be the same.

Ok, this apparently fixed the issue.
But now that we published our app another issue come out.
Basically any 4 seconds the sound “miss” a part of the audio (skipped forward?).
This happens in just some devices but very frequently (almost every registration).

In next day i could let you know which kind of device is it.