Sandbox seeking/scrubbing

I like the sandbox feature, but is there a way to seek or scrub through longer audio files?


As of the time of writing (March of 2017), there is no way to seek within the timeline of an event being played in the sandbox that does not rely on existing timeline logic markers within the event.

Thanks. I created some logic within the timeline, knobs showed up within the sandbox as well, however I was not able to manipulate them. Is there a way that you can control these?

You should be able to click and drag the knobs to change their values. What are you seeing?

In sandbox mode I see the dial, but when I go to click and drag it the actual dial does not rotate around like it does in the event editor. I do see a red ring however and when I click, drag and hold it stays, but when I click drag and quickly let go, the red ring does not stay.

There are two situations in which that would happen. The first occurs if you do not exit the sandbox and rebuild your banks between adding the parameter to the event and attempting to audition it in the sandbox. The second occurs when the parameter you’re trying to adjust is a built-in parameter, in which case the parameter’s value is instead automatically updated based on the position of the event relative to the listener in the sandbox.

Thank you! I forgot to rebuild the bank…