Scatterer Instrument where random pitch is quantized to scale

Is it possible to create a scatterer instrument where the multi instruments inside said scatterer play random pitches with a set scale?
I know it’s possible to make a custom scale with the discrete parameter and stuff, but I’m just not that savy in fmod

It is possible, but the “Pitch Rnd” property of a scatterer instrument doesn’t support quantizing pitch to specific values, so the only method is to create a custom scale using a discrete parameter.

To achieve this:

  1. Remove all the entries from the scatterer instrument’s playlist.
  2. Add an event instrument to the playlist.
  3. Double-click on the event instrument to view the referenced event.
  4. Add an action sheet to the referenced event.
  5. Add a multi instrument to the action sheet.
  6. Select the multi instrument and add to its playlist all the entries removed from the scatterer instrument’s playlist in step 1.
  7. Create a discrete parameter with a number of possible values equal to the number of discrete pitches you want to support.
  8. Set the parameter’s initial value to the half-way point of its range.
  9. Add a random modulator to the parameter’s value. Set the random modulator’s value to 100%.
  10. Automate the multi insturment’s pitch property on the parameter created during step 7. Adjust the automation such that each possible value of the parameter produces one of the possible pitch adjustments you want to support.

Following the above steps should get you the behavior you want.