Scoped storage with MediaStore

Hi team at FMOD, I am wanting to program an Android music player app so am currently exploring some Audio Engines.
When making an Android app, it’s now recommended to use the Scoped Storage framework.
So to work with Uri’s, a FileDescriptor can be created and used to read the file (as I have seen with BASS Audio Engine).
Is this possible for FMOD Audio Engine for Android?
If so, please can you point me to the documentation regarding this, as I was unable to see it.

Otherwise if it’s not possible, then please can you suggest a workaround. Here are some links that may help:

(same domain/extension as above)/questions/57445600/ffmpeg-seeking-not-possible-with-file-descriptor-on-android-q
(same domain/extension as above)/questions/59000390/android-accessing-files-in-native-c-c-code-with-google-scoped-storage-api

If it helps, I have tried with the android:requestLegacyExternalStorage=“true” flag in the manifest and it reads the file fine as I pass a path of that file into the method. But this flag is now not being used in Android as the apps need to target the latest version of Android when uploading to Google Play.
I have downloaded this project from GitHub and just editing and playing around with it before I’m certain that FMOD does what I am looking for:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi sachinsshah,

Currently we only support uris under the path file:///android_asset/ using the Asset Manager. Files not under that path are currently opened via fopen, which as you note, is not supported in Android 10/11 for files that you do not have permission to access. I have added a task to add support for Scoped Storage.