Search for instances of FMOD events in Unity?


I have an fmod event playing at a moment in game where it shouldn’t be playing, and I’m unsure where it is coming from.

Is there a way to search for the event in Unity to find out where it’s coming from?


There’s no way to search for event instances at runtime besides creating a script to do so. However, the easiest way to locate the object responsible for the event instance would be to search for the component responsible for playing the event in your scene, which you can do by using the search bar the top of the Hierarchy window. You can also navigate to either the FMOD Studio Event Emitter script (Assets/Plugins/FMOD/src/StudioEventEmitter.cs) or your own scripts that are handling event playback, right click on the script, and select “Find References In Scene”. This will display the GameObjects in your scene that are currently using those scripts in the Hierarchy. Either of these should help you narrow it down.

Thanks Louis

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