How to search for all components using FMOD in Unity?

I seem to recall there was some trick where I could use the Unity general search field to look up and find all the prefabs and scene parts that have components that use FMOD in some way, like even the ones that expose the event reference browsers. Basically like any of the built-in game components, or C# scripts that mention FMOD.

Does anyone remember what that is? I saw some related posts but they aren’t quite as encapsulating.

Or alternatively: something that can do what Event Reference Updater is, but show ALL events being referenced (and where from) and not just changed pathways would help me solve for this.


At the top of the hierarchy in the search bar, you can search for FMOD components e.g. FMOD Event Emitter and it will present GameObjects that have emitters on them. You can also right lick on a script and select Find References In Scene

You could use this on the FMOD scripts you are hoping to find.

Hope this helps!


@Connor_FMOD Ah, so the same standard Unity search I use for other assets, thank you!


Yes, the same. No worries! If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!