Search for unimported clips doesn't work?

Searching in the Assets Tab won’t return unimported clips; it only searches the name of imported clips; am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Hi Robert,

It depends how you’re searching for unimported assets. In the search bar there’s a dropdown menu when you click on the magnifying glass that lets you search by a number of predefined searches, including unimported assets. This is “#unimported”.

The other thing to note is that in the asset browser, unimported assets are listed as “New”. If you can’t see any “New” assets then you don’t have any unimported assets.


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Hey there,
I have a bunch of unimported assets, maybe 20+ all with the New tag next to them in the list.

Using the tag #unimported lists them fine. The problem is a search for any term doesn’t include the unimported clips.

For example I have an unimported asset called door-open-01
A search for “door” doesn’t show this asset, it shows imported assets with “door” in their names, but not unimported assets. If I do a search for “#unimported door” it returns no results.

Appears to be broken, and is extremely frustrating when trying to find assets you’ve just imported!

Hi Robert,

I can see now, that is definitely a bug. I’ve added it to our tracker to take a look into in the future.

In the meantime, the workaround is to import all unimported assets before searching for them. You can search for “#unimported”, bulk select all assets returned, right click and select “Import”. If you are importing a folder, you can right click on the folder and select “Import Contents”.

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Happy to hear it’s been entered as a bug to be fixed. Is there a way of tracking this bug, or being notified when the fix has gone up?

Hi Robert,

The best way is to sign up to the FMOD Studio newsletter and checking the release notes when a new version becomes available.