Is there an Auto-locate option for missing assets?

Hi There, i recently had to downsize all files in my Google drive and as a result i have messed up all the paths for every asset in my project. I have now added all assets into a singular folder that is outside of Google Drive and was wondering if there is a way for FMOD to find all the missing files automatically as they all retain their original filenames, or must this be done one-by-one by rightclicking each asset and manually choosing each clip?

Thanks and sorry if asked before but i couldn’t find anything on this.

You can set your FMOD Studio project to look for assets in a different folder by settings its “Assets folder” property in the “Assets” tab of FMOD Studio’s preferences dialog.

Provided the assets in the new asset folder are arranged in the same collection of subfolders that they were in in the old asset folder, FMOD Studio will be able to find them all.

If the subfolders inside the new asset folder differ from those in the old asset folder, I’m afraid there is no way to bulk replace asset files. If that is the case, you will have to replace them one at a time.

Right thank you… unfortunately i moved everything into 1 folder :confused: but sure will do!

Hi again, i’ve imported all the new clips (and Asset bin still holds the old “missing” links too), but am having a hard time actually getting FMOD to replace the clip with the newly imported one via the right-click menu.

Is what i’m trying to do even possible?

Yes and no. You can replace one file with one file, or a group of files with one file, but you can’t replace a group of files with a group of files.

Given that both the old and new versions of the files seem to be appearing in your audio bin, I suspect you want to use the “consolidate” command. It’s used to replace one or more files in your assets browser with another file in your assets browser. To use it, multi-select the files you want to replace and the file you want to replace them with, then right-click on the file you want to replace the others with and select the “consolidate” context menu item. The replaces all instances of the replaced assets in your project with the file you right-clicked on.

I don’t see cosolidate joseph?

Ah! My apologies. In more recent versions of FMOD Studio, the consolidate context menu command was removed in favor of the more versatile and intuitive “replace with” command.

To use the “replace with” command, multi-select the files you want to replace but not the file you want to replace them with, then right-click any file in the multi-selection and select the “Replace With” context menu item to open the menu-embedded asset browser. In this browser, navigate to and select the audio file that you want to replace the selected audio files with.

The replace with command replaces all instances of the replaced assets in your events with the file you right-clicked on, causing the replaced assets to gain the #unused tag. Once unused, they can be safely deleted from your project.

Yer that’s what i’m saying, it doesn’t work for me. I click the clip i wish to replace with via the context menu but nothing happens.

Hmm, it seems to work when I test it here… Which version of FMOD Studio are you using? Can you confirm that when you use the ‘replace with’ command, events in your project that make use of the replaced file do not begin using the file you attempted to replace it with?

I am using FMOD
v.2.01.04 64-bit Build:111454

OK i think i found what the issue is… i was trying to replace clips assets that had no references in the project. I’m not sure how/why they were created but i can check which clips are legitimate by right-click > Find References. When i only replace VALID references in the project it works.

Thank You!