Selecting speaker mode


I would like to make my output format stereo, but I can’t see the “Format” tab under “Preferences” where, (if i read your getting started manual online), I would be able to change from 5.1 to stereo.
I would like to change the mode since my Unity project is set to stereo and I read this on the FMOD getting started manual: “Make sure your speaker mode setting in Unity matches the FMOD Studio Project setting”

Does anyone know how I can change my FMOD projects output format to stereo?

I run Mac OS X 10.10.5 and FMOD Studio version 1.08.11 in 64 bit.

Have a good one!

(under: Set your project speaker mode)

As of version 1.08.00, output format must be set on a per-platform basis. As such, to change the format for a particular platform, navigate to the “Build” tab of the “Properties” window, then select your target platform from the “Project Platforms:” list, then select the desired format for that platform from the “Speaker mode:” list.

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