Sending MIDI or other data to game engine

Hi, I’ve been using FMOD Studio UE4 integration for a long time, but now I’m facing a new issue for a Music Game: sending data from FMOD, back to game engine.

I need to impose some data on a music track, in order to read them back in the game, preserving their sync with music.
The best way to do it is probably using MIDI file.
Is it possible for FMOD Studio (inside Unreal Integration) to read MIDI data from a file or directly from the event track ?

If no, there’s some other way to sync a data stream (any format could be ok) to an audio file?
In general, it looks like sending any kind of data, marker, infos TO the game engine FROM Fmod is something tricky (for example you can’t set a sound parameter on an Soundevent and draw a curve for it, that could be eventually read by the game engine)

Thanks for your help

It sounds like you would benefit from beat and marker callbacks, I recommend taking a look at our music_callbacks example that ships with the API if you need a code solution.

Otherwise check out our UE4 callback integration to do this with Blueprints.