How to setup fmod to send MIDI Out messages and clips

Hi everyone.

I can’t seem to find much info on MIDI in Fmod, is it possible to play MIDI events/clips together with the audio? I’m trying to find a way to send MIDI out from within UE 5.1 to external music gear (mainly CCs and note on/off), these messages would be tied to world data but would also need to be in sync with the music events and sound effects.

World data is relatively easy to translate to MIDI out events via a simple blueprint, but I can’t seem to find a way to send MIDI out that would be tied to music/sound events.



FMOD’s Core API has the ability to play .mid files with either the system default or a provided DLS file, but that’s about where MIDI functionality ends. Additionally, you cannot load .mid files into FMOD Studio - instead, you must use a Programmer instrument and load the .mid data into it via a callback.

It should be possible to sync existing FMOD events with separate MIDI out data handled by some other system (i.e. Unreal’s MIDI Device Support plugin), but you’ll have to handle starting the FMOD events and synchronizing them with the MIDI out yourself.

Thanks Louis. Ok, so I should be able to do something approximating to what I want to do via blueprint by translating Fmod events to MIDI out events, yes? Sorry I’m a bit new to this

Well, it depends on what exactly you want to “translate” from the event into MIDI - what specifically is it about the event that you want to convert to MIDI out? FMOD doesn’t have the capability to convert the audio output of an event to corresponding MIDI notes, but it is possible to retreive other data (parameter values, timeline markers, beats/bars, etc.) from the event, which you could use to trigger MIDI out signals.