Setting up conditional loops and jumps

Hello everyone,

This is a fairly stupid question, Im coming at FMOD from a musician / studio engineer experience…I have an audio file of a band jamming, over the course of the song there are 3-4 themes that with the loop function setting parameters for when to play which theme, actually work quite well for a level design. Rookie indie game devs that we are, I cannot find how in FMOD Studio ( where the tutorial of Stephan playing only subdued parts on one selector value, then only dramatic on another exists…this seems like the perfect solution) to implement this. I have an introductory riff segment that leads into a looped area, I would like to have the music change to different selected regions according to different game states.

Are there links to videos doing this? Advice?

Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately we don’t currently have any videos demonstrating how to do this, but I’ve attached an example project that demonstrates the basic idea.

[attachment=0]music transition[/attachment]
In the example project, the “Transition on Bar” event is set up to transition between themes on any bar, while the “Transition on Loop End” event is set up to only transition at the end of the loop. These events have no audio, but if you play them and fiddle with the “Theme Selector” parameter you should be able to see the cursor jumping between themes. The transitions are controlled by parameter conditions and (in the “Transition on Bar” event) quantization; select the green transition markers to see the conditions and quantization settings in the deck.

If you only want to transition at the end of the loop, the setup in the “Transition on Loop End” event is preferable because you don’t need to create as many transition markers. The setup in the “Transition on Bar” event is more flexible, but does take a little more work to create.

Hopefully this helps. If it’s unclear, or doesn’t suit what you’re trying to do, please let us know and we’ll try to help you out.