How to transition between sounds based on parameter

Hi, new user here.

Let’s say I have three levels of drum track of differing intensities, made from 8 bar samples looping. I’ll have level 1 playing, and then want to transition to level 2 on the next 8 bar loop once Intensity is set to 2, and then again up to 3. At the moment, a change in the parameter mid loop causes the playing sample to stop but the new sample doesn’t start playing until the quantization interval.

Is there no way to enable quantization for off as well as on? If not (odd oversight!), how can we enable this behaviour? Can the incorporate an additional rconditional one-bar drum fill, “while playing drums1, if transitioning at the end of this loop, stop playing at bar 7 and play drum1_fill instead for one bar, before looping drums2”?

Note I have three sub events controlling the three periods in the music, A, B and C, which I can swap between based on one parameter, and then Intensity within each of these sub-events to control which tracks are playing within. I want to be able to pick from a selection of tracks each loop, like a ‘random’ instrument but not quite so random. I’m partly constrained in thought process by a DAW being linear time such that I don’t know when to have vertical instrument variation or horizontal variations with jumps.

Are you able to share your event? It’s kind of difficult to visualise what could be happening. FMOD Studio certainly supports transitioning keeping both instruments alive for as long as you need them to.