Shorten Audio Tracks from Start OR Crossfade into and out of Transition Timelines


Is it possible to crossfade between the ‘main’ Timeline and a Transition Timeline? It doesn’t seem to be :confused: Or, is there a way to trim audio files from the start in FMOD, rather than trimming them from the end?

I have a long melodic line. At the end of it, I’m placing a Transition Point to direct the audio back to a loop. I can’t shorten the audio file from the start in FMOD, only from the end. So it looks like I’ll need to create new audio assets to act as bridging sections, which sort of undermines the purpose of FMOD’s crossfade function.

Just trying to minimise my workload :wink:

Any tips / advice appreciated!


Yes, it is possible to do this with FMOD Studio 1.06 or later.

With transition timelines, you can setup an overlap with the main timeline. Studio supports both “lead-in” (crossing from the main timeline in to the transition) and “lead-out” (crossing from the transition back to the main timeline). This is controllable on a per track basis.

All you have to do is open up the transition timeline and drag the left or right edge inwards. You will see the main timeline visually overlapping with part of the transition timeline. Studio will automatically create cross-fade curves with any sounds on the transition timeline.

Apologies that the manual has not yet been updated with this new feature, which explains why you weren’t aware of it.

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To clarify, when you drag the main timeline in to the transition timeline, Studio will automatically create cross-fades with any sounds on the transition timeline.

If there are no overlapping sounds on the transition timeline, then there will be no cross-fade, and the main timeline will just cutoff by default. But you can manually add a fade curve by dragging it down from the corner of the trigger region.

Hi Graeme. I’m not sure I follow… When I drag the right or left edges of the Transition Timeline inwards it clips my audio rather than fading it.

The closest I can get is crossfading from one Transition Region to another by dragging the audio files over, but this bypasses the Transition :confused:

Using 1.06.08.