Transition Timeline not working

I’ve made a transition timeline and I extend the audio to reach the copy of the audio. Instead of playing beyond the loop region it just cuts out audio and doesn’t play into the transition timeline.
fmod studio timeline transition problem

Youtube video example

As you can see by the image uploaded the primary track when extended from its end toward the right has no audio at all. It cuts out completely. Where as if I extent the secondary copy toward the left from its start it has audio. Obviously i need both to work so that I can effectively cross-fade it into itself seemlessly.

Is this a bug or what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for reading. Hope to hear your response.

Any Youtube videos that cover this topic are very old and no longer relevant to the behaviour in the current version of FMOD.

You need to add some content at the end of the loop, either by lengthening your instrument or shortening your loop end point. The “source” is fed by this tail (which should at least have it’s lenght).
I agree this point is a bit cryptic, and should be detailed more precisely in the documentation…