Overlapping between End and Start of a Loop

Hello everyone,
I’m creating some interactive looping Music with FMOD and I want to have the Music looping without that “Hard cut” on the end and beginning of the Loop Region. As far as I know there is no feature that allows this overlapping of two sections. The attached Image shows my idea. Any way to realize this or is there a chance to get a feature that solves my problem?


The solution you are looking for is “Transition Timelines.” They’re specifically designed to allow more gradual transitions between the start and end points of a transition. You’ll need to replace your loop region with a destination marker and a transition marker, and then double-click on the transition marker to start creating the transition timeline.

It’s not currently possible (as of February of 2017) to directly crossfade the source and destination regions of a transition timeline with each other, but you can crossfade both source and destination with sound module on the transition timeline; With a little creativity, you can easily usue this feature to make your loops smooth and seamless.

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Is there any Video or documentation site that explains this a bit more?
Btw: Any ETA on the UE4.15 Support or some kind of development version of the plugin?

Have you looked at http://www.fmod.org/adaptive-music-fmod-studio-transition-timelines-submixes/ ?

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UE4.15 support will be officially in our next release, which has been delayed by GDC, and should be out in the next couple of weeks. Until then, the source can be downloaded from our github (https://github.com/fmod/ue4integration) but you will have to compile it yourself.

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