Should I commit Banklookup to source control?

Collaborating with a team with Unreal 4.26, Fmod studio 2.02.05 and SVN.

I have a basic question about assetlookup and banklookup. What exactly is their function and should I commit then? They are both in the Privateintegration folder and as I understand it, the Assetlookup updates when you add or replace an object reference to a FMOD-event in Unreal, and the banklookup gets updated each time you load the game basically?

Some help with basic understanding and clearing up my confusion would be great, thanks.

P.S Is it related to the error I’m getting?

LogClass: Warning: ObjectProperty FFMODLocalizedBankTable::Banks is not initialized properly. Module:FMODStudio File:Private/FMODBankLookup.h

Those assets can be added to source control. The assetlookup and banklookup are used to store path lookups for banks and other assets for use at runtime.