AssetLookup continuously causing source control issues

So i’m working with a team on a project, it seems like every time I add something from FMOD to the projects we get an issue with the “AssetLookup”

here is a screenshot.

In this instance, it says that the asset lookup is checked out by another Dev, but all they did was open the Unreal project file. Neither of these two are doing anything inside of FMOD, but it’s now causing problems for the programmers.

Any idea why this is happening?

I have Fmod connected to the perforce server as well, and it seems to be working correctly, but this is getting really frustrating as it seems that every time I do anything with the project, we have to deal with this.

We previously had an issue with private integration data being regenerated every time the editor opened but this should have been resolved in 2.02.05. If you are below 2.02.05 then I suggest updating.Otherwise, can you please tell me what version of FMOD and you Unreal are using?