AssetLookup continuously causing source control issues

So i’m working with a team on a project, it seems like every time I add something from FMOD to the projects we get an issue with the “AssetLookup”

here is a screenshot.

In this instance, it says that the asset lookup is checked out by another Dev, but all they did was open the Unreal project file. Neither of these two are doing anything inside of FMOD, but it’s now causing problems for the programmers.

Any idea why this is happening?

I have Fmod connected to the perforce server as well, and it seems to be working correctly, but this is getting really frustrating as it seems that every time I do anything with the project, we have to deal with this.

We previously had an issue with private integration data being regenerated every time the editor opened but this should have been resolved in 2.02.05. If you are below 2.02.05 then I suggest updating.Otherwise, can you please tell me what version of FMOD and you Unreal are using?

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Hi, Jeff. We are using 2.02.06 integration with Unreal Engine 4.27 and also getting this warning.

The issue persists in 2.02.07.


I was not able to recreate the issue using Unreal source control in conjunction with Git.

What source control are you using?

Hey Connor,

We’ve upgraded to 2.02.08 integration with UE and we’re using Perforce. But we’re still seeing AssetLookup conflicts.

We were able to reproduce the issue when using Perforce. I have passed it on to our development team. Thank you for bringing this to our attention

Is there any workaround for this or commit I can backport to mitigate this issue for content creators? We’ve recently upgraded and this is plaguing us with editor friction.



Currently there are no workaround, and the issue is still in our list to look at. What version were you using before you updated and started experiencing this issue?

When the banks on a given machine change (eg. from source control or locally built) the FMOD plugin will attempt to generate any new assets and modify any that require modification. This will occur if the editor is open or the next time it is opened. If events, buses, etc have been added or removed from the FMOD Studio project, the AssetLookup.uasset will be modified and checked out of source control (as exclusive checkout, which appears to be the default for .uasset files).


  • Sound designer builds new banks and checks them in to perforce.
  • Game designer gets latest and opens unreal project.
    (At this point the banks and generated assets are out of sync).
  • The FMOD plugin detects the difference, modifies the AssetLookup.uasset. This is now checked out in perforce/source control. (But not checked in yet.)
  • The next person attempts to get latest and open the unreal project.
  • The FMOD plugin detects the difference, now when it tries to modify the AssetLookup.uasset it is already checked out (as exclusive checkout) and UE throws a warning dialog.

Basically the AssetLookup.uasset is being checked out on one machine because the banks have changed, then other machines are trying to do the same thing and hitting a wall because the .uasset is already exclusively checked out.

Initially these files were needed in source control if you are running a build server that doesn’t open the editor (which triggers the asset generation), but now we have support for the Commandlet which can be run from command line and will generate the required assets.

We are looking into ways we can improve the workflow but for now we can recommend removing the generated assets from source control and using the commandlet if using a build server.

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Hello! is there a fix for this issue in later updates? we are having the same issue here?


The fix has been implemented and will be included in our next release.

Hi Connor, can you confirm what version of FMOD has fixed this issue? Has it been released yet?


The fix was included in the 2.02.13 update which has been released and can be downloaded.

Hope this helps!

Still having Perforce issue with AssetLookup in 2.02.14 in Unreal :sleepy:

Copied 2.02.14 unreal integration into Plugins folder Unreal and updated Studio version, built and issue still remains.


What version of Unreal are you using?

Unreal version 4.27.2

Where there any specific actions you are doing when the error occurs?

We’re also experiencing this issue, in a UE4.27.2 project using Perforce. We get this behaviour from both the AssetLookup file and the BankLookup file.

We’re using version 2.02.15 of the FMOD integration files.

It seems to occur when the Unreal Editor opens.

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Thank you for the information. Are you opening the project via the .sln file or the .uproject? Are you using the built-in source control in UE?