Should I use DLS sounds?

I would love to use MIDI files in my iOS/Android game and need to create my own sounds. But I am finding only very old information, ancient software and broken links.

Is creating the content doable? Where can I find a DLS editor a converter for Mac, preferably free. Awave does not look practical on a Mac. If converter, then what’s the easiest way to create banks or instruments that will convert to DLS?

Can I expect MIDI with DLS to work well on iPhone and Android?

Is anybody else doing this?

MIDI playback will work the same on all platforms. You can use public domain general midi banks or use converters to convert from formats like SF2 to DLS but if you want to use your own custom sounds, it might be worth loading the midi into modplugtracker and saving the file out as .IT
It will have the same runtime / realtime playback like midi, but the samples are packed in with the .it file itself.

Will FMOD Studio will import MIDI?

no, to play midi you add a ‘programmer’ instrument, then the code can pass in a midi sound (created with the core api FMOD::System::createStream command) to it and it will work as an event.