Sidechain sends leveling

I wonder why the sidechain sends in the Studio do not have the possibility for their level adjustments?

For example the situation:
I have two minor groups with a compressor on each of them. And I want to duck these groups by a major group. If we are talking only about three groups then everything is fine. I can adjust the compression threshold settings on each minor group as I need it.

But what if I have a second major group which also should duck the minor groups but with its own levels? I cannot create additional compressors on each minor groups for that.

The only solution I found at the moment it is using the return buses as mediators.
I.e. a major group sends signal to a return bus and this return then sends sidechain signal to a compressor. And the level of the return bus serves here as the sidechain leveler.

And to prevent signal dupplication on the master bus I have to create a separate mix group for all mediator returns and mute this group.

It works well. But it’s kinda bulky. And there are slight delays because of the Return essence as I understand.

That sounds like a reasonable request; I can see how a send level would be useful when you have multiple sidechains connected to a single effect. We’ll add this to the request list.

As an alternative workaround, you could use is to have a gain effect before and after the sidechain (using the second gain to go back to the original), though I understand this still isn’t ideal.


This is great Patrick!
Thank you for the answer. It will be a very handy feature.

The alternative with the Gain plugin also is not very convenient I guess. Since there is room only for +10db in the plugin, in some cases you will have to use two or maybe three instances to compensate large numbers. Not sure how it will be good for the optimization.