Smooth direction change

For a 3D event, is there a way to control the Built-in Parameter ‘Direction’ to change from one value to another smoothly (continuously)?

I know that for a user-defined parameter, we can use the Seek Speed the achieve that. But for the built-in ‘Direction’, can’t see the Seek Speed.
built-in Directoin

usr parameter Parameter 1

Built-in parameters are designed to be updated frequently by your game. In theory, the high frequency of these updates ensures that the parameter’s value changes smoothly.

Supporting seek speed on built-in parameters is in our feature/improvement tracker, and will be considered and potentially scheduled at our next quarterly roadmap meeting.


Thank you for your answer.
There is another related question: in stereo-out mode, since I can control the ‘pan’ to change smoothly, is the ‘pan’ the same as ‘direction’? In my perspective, they are close, but different essentially.

Do you mean surround direction or the direction built-in parameter? The former is a part of distributed surround panning, while the latter describes the location of the emitter relative to the listener.


This comment box cannot display image, please see my new answer below. Please note that I change the ‘surround’ to ‘stereo’.

Hi Joseph,

Please have a look at this image. I change the output from ‘surround’ to ‘stereo’.When I change the ‘pan’ in the green circle, I can also feel the sound come from one side to the other. So does the ‘pan’ functions the same as direction built-in parameter?
enter image description here

No, those two things function in entirely different ways and do entirely different things. ‘Pan’ is a 2D property that affects the speaker channel levels of a stereo speaker pair. Direction is a built-in parameter that represents the angle between the facing of the listener and a line drawn from the listener to the emitter in 3D space. The value of direction is automatically used by a number of effects (including the 3D Panner effect in your screenshot), which may in turn pan the event, but the relationship between the direction parameter and your events’ panning could also be changed or removed completely.


Well thank you for your answer