Snapshot sounds not working for newbie

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I am trying to build a working knowledge of how FMOD Studio works and am using the Getting Started Guide. I am trying to play a Snapshot I created based on the Examples.fspro file project. I have followed the instructions as per the guide but there is no sound when using the Mixing Desk’s transport control play button in Snapshot. I have noticed discrepancies in the getting started guide before and worked it out. Having tried out a few of my best guesses I am no further on. The file project is basically as I found it, with only the steps followed from the guide.

Please can you help me with troubleshooting this problem? It’s bound to be something simple, but as I’m new I can’t work it out.

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Heya Alistair.

The Mixing Desk’s play button is to audition the snapshot while it is selected in the snapshots tab. There is inherently no sound played from here by itself, you need to press play in your event browser with the event that you would like the snapshot to effect to hear any change in the snapshot.

Assuming you’ve set up the snapshot correctly, you can also check it out in an event itself by - adding an audio track in the event

  • right click and Add Snapshot> your snapshot
  • mess about with the intensity knob in the tape deck panel.

Hope this helps?

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To clarify what Bradley has said, snapshots do not produce any audio output on their own. Instead, they alter the behavior of other buses.

The process of auditioning a snapshot in the sandbox is slightly different to what Bradley describes: You must first drag an instance of that snapshot into the sandbox. You can then select that snapshot instance in the sandbox and control it with the transport controls.