Snapshot fading?

I want to use a snapshot to duck a bus’ volume down. I want to play an event, have the ducking gradually come in, and when I STOP that event, the ducking gradually fades away. However, using an AHDSR on the intensity works for fading it in, but Stopping the event just instantly makes the ducking go away and it does fade. How would I go about doing this?

The behavior of an AHDSR modulator is tied to the triggering and untriggering of an instrument if it’s attached to an instrument property, and to the starting and stopping of an event if it’s attached to an event property. As such, to hear the release of an AHDSR modulator on an instrument when the event stops, you must ensure that instrument is untriggered by the stopping of the event.

Select the snapshot instrument in your event, click its “Add Condition” button in the deck, and select the “Add Event Condition” menu item. This gives the instrument a trigger condition called “Event State: Not Stopping.” As the name suggestions, this condition causes the instrument to be untriggered as soon as the event enters the stopping state, causing the release period of any AHDSR modulator on the instrument to play out.

Of course, if the event stops instantly, any release periods on its instruments will be cut off. To prevent this, ensure your event has non-instant stopping behavior. One easy way to do this is to put an AHDSR modulator with a release period on a property that does not affect the behavior of your event; perhaps the volume of an unused track or the value of an unused parameter.

I don’t see Add Event Condition, just Add Parameter Condition.

Ah, you must be using an older version of FMOD Studio that did not have the event conditions feature.

In that case, you will have to ensure your snapshots are untriggered when the event enters the stopping state some other way. If you are using an AHDSR modulator on an unused parameter to prevent the event from stopping instantly, as described in my earlier post, this can be achieved by adding a parameter trigger condition to the snapshot instrument that uses the unused parameter, and setting the range of that parameter such that when the event enters the stopping state the instrument is untriggered.