Sometimes small delay in audio between "magnet region transition timeline" and the "magnet region"

3/5 times I get a really small but noticeable gap between the transition timeline and the magnet region.
2/5 times It plays through smoothly. Is this something to worry about? Or will it transition smoothly everytime in game?

With the sound, and the content of the transition timeline displayed, it would be easier to answer…

Hey Alci, here is a video to better show what I’m experiencing. The first time it plays smoothly, and the second time it has a jarring click between the transition. I’m just hoping this is isolated to FMOD, and won’t happen in Unity.

Indeed. I’m not sure transition timelines are meant to be sample perfect smooth with the previous and following part, only the staff can answer this question…
If not, can’t you just bake a tail in the transition and use the fade out on the source?

Yeah true, I can do that. Just wanted to find out if it was necessary. Thanks man.