Sound Engine in Fmod Studio?

I am new to Fmod. I found a video tutorial on youtube that explains how to use the Sound Engine in Fmod Designer and I was wondering if there was something similar in Fmod Studio.

Here is the video Im talking about.


I second third and fourth this feature. Please add CC Midi control. Midi Learn etc.

The issue is controlling 2 parameters at once, which you can’t do with a mouse. Currently we use a control surface to do this. If you dont have a mackie device it may be possible to use touchosc for iphone/ipad etc and routie it via a mackie interface, patrick@fmod could possibly elaborate more here if that is possible.

I see, so just a more manual method of control. Now I have inquired about this before- but I’m not sure it was fully answered… Do you plan on implementing standard MIDI CC control? I have a generic 16-knob controller that I’d love to use with fmod.


I apologize for resurrecting this one- but I am in fact curious… I found the engine designer to be a handy tool. Would anyone be able to explain how I might go about using Fmod Studio’s new features to simulate something similar?


The engine designer in FMOD Designer is an auditioning tool and nothing more. Which is to say, it only affects how events are auditioned, not how they play in-game; It doesn’t in any way change the behaviour of the events it’s used with, and it doesn’t allow you to add anything to events that you couldn’t add some other way. It also assumes that engine sound events always have the same two-parameter structure and work the same way. As a consequence, it’s not useful when making engine events that don’t follow that structure and work differently, and there are a lot of those.

We decided not to add an engine audition tool to Studio because it didn’t seem necessary. All the features required to make an engine event in Designer are present in Studio (along with a few more). The tool did make it slightly easier to audition certain events, true, but that’s due to the limitations of Designer’s interface; Between Studio’s improved interface, control surface integration, and logic and automation features, it’s as easy to audition engines as you would any other event as it would be to use a special tool.