is there an Engine designer plugin in FMOD STUDIO?

The previous version FMOD Designer has a FMOD engine designer plugin under the “windows” option. Does anyone know that if the FMOD STUDIO has the engine designer? I could not find it.

It seems a few other people have asked about this, (I recently searched for the same answer). The feature is not present in fmod studio. The only way to simulate load (control 2 parameters at once) would be to use a hardware controller.

FMOD Designer 2010’s engine designer tool makes it slightly easier to audition certain kinds of events - and that’s all. It doesn’t give you any ability to add new kinds of behaviour or content to events, it can’t alter the way events operate in-game, and it doesn’t represent or unlock any layer of functionality present in the low level but not otherwise available through the tool. It is an auditioning tool, and nothing more. It does make it easier to design certain kinds of events, but only if those events exactly fit its mould; Even small deviations are unsupported.

In other words, it is a useful tool, but it’s also highly specialised.

With Studio, we wanted to get away from having highly specialised tools that are only useful in specific cases, and instead make tools versatile and powerful enough that they can support any specific case you might name. If you’ve been following Studio’s development, you will have already seen the beginnings of that, and in the months to come, more will follow.