Sound on Android not working properly

Hey out there,

I am building a mobile game with lots and lots of additive music and soundtrack. While testing on PC it works outstandingly well, but as soon as I run the game on my Android 11 device, the sound behaves as if there are not enough voices available - The music pauses for a while and suddenly takes off again, some sounds get cut off inbetween and some events even don’t play at all! That is quite a mess and I wonder - what can I do?

I already set the DSP buffer to 512 / 4 and my virtual channels to 384, changed the encoding settings of my files from Vorbis to PCM and to Vorbis again, switched sample rates, tried Decompressed, Compressed, Streaming - even in various combinations - Sound’s still as broken as it was before on android. The Profiler on PC tells me that there are at most 70 voices playing at once.
Please help me out of this madness - what am I doing wrong? :weary:

Best regards

Unfortunately, without knowing more about your device and what your game is doing, there is no way for us to know the cause of or solution to this issue. It sounds as if your game may be having trouble loading events’ assets in time for them to play. How long prior to playing an event are you loading its sampledata?

Since you mention streaming, I should mention that attempting to play multiple streams simultaneously is probably a doomed endeavor. Every instance of an asset that you stream requires constant disk I/O, and most platforms do not support more than single digit number of simultaneous streams. Streams are a useful way of reducing the memory cost of very large assets, but cannot and should not be used for small assets or multiple assets that are likely to play at the same time.