Spatializer Bug with Volume: Fmod Studio 2.01.01


The Spatializer Plugin increases volume - but shouldn’t.
I can provide a simple test project that shows the behavior.


Can anyone confirm this?

Compare the effects “Fmod Spatializer” with “Fmod Object Spatializer”. You will notice that Fmod Spatializer increases the Event’s overall volume by ca. 3 dB, whereas Fmod Object Spatializer doesn’t.

I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue you describe, but I might know what’s going on.

The spatializer effect automatically upmixes a stereo or mono signal to your project’s surround format. The object spatializer effect does not. This means that if the channel format of the signal is less than your project’s surround format, it will be automatically upmixed and distributed across all channels. Upmixing and distributing a signal across multiple channels results in an increase in volume, and I suspect this is what you are hearing when you add a spatializer effect to your event.

You can test this by bypassing the spatializer effect. A bypassed effect still alters the channel format of the signal, but does not otherwise process the signal, so you should still hear the volume increase when the spatializer effect is bypassed. You should also be able to hear the volume increase if you remove the spatializer effect altogether and set the event’s audio track output to your project surround format and set the track panner to distributed mode.