Stealing not controlling number of instances (SOLVED)

Hi folks!

I have a big engine Event, it has a lot of voices and parameters, with Distance-based EQ ect…

If I set a Max Instance (Quietest) that is lower than the number of cars in the level, stealing kicks in and things get very choppy, seemingly getting worse over time - number of event Instance (type All/virtualised) jumps way up in the thousands, (which i don’t understand as the instances should be released in Quietest mode?) while Active/Playing sits at a healthy amount.

I’m not sure if the huge number of virtualised/unreleased instances is causing the glitching or if the Stealing itself is the culprit…

Am I misunderstanding how all this works?

This certainly doesn’t sound like something that should happen - but I can’t seem to reproduce it here. I must be doing something differently to you.

Your screenshot doesn’t indicate which events are associated with the unexpected extra event instances. If you scroll down to the specific events, are the unexpected virtual event instances associated with the engine event? Or with some other event?

Does the engine event contain any event instruments or “start event” command instruments?

Hi Joseph thanks for your time and response.

Yeah the engine is the culprit - it’s track looks the same as the Instances (Total) track above.
The engine has no command or nested instruments, but there are a lot of sounds in there that have parameter conditions on them, to stop them running if the distance from the event is above 100 - not sure if that could have anything to do with it.

engine params

I have a feeling this could be an issue with the game code perhaps so will talk to programmers.

They probably don’t have anything to do with it. Instruments other than command instruments and event instruments can increase the number of voices used by an event, but cannot create new event instances.

That’s a good idea. Event instances don’t come from nowhere; if they’re not being spawned by event instruments or command instruments somewhere in your project, they must be being created by your game’s code.

Conclusion: the game code was not recognising FMOD’s Stealing and was trying to override it.

I’m glad to hear you were able to resolve this issue.

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