Stopping plugin reproduction

Hi, I’m developing a plugin and I don’t know why when I stop the timeline, the timeline still plays but without reproducing any audio and it says “stopping” like is held on this state. When I stop it again it stops correctly.

I don’t know if there’s some function needed to allow to stop the plugin correctly. Maybe it stucks at reading function, but it only reads the buffer as normal.

Anyone knows what can happen? Thanks

When you press the stop button, the event is put into the “stopping” state, as if the event instance was issued a stop command from your game’s code. In this state, the event automatically executes its stopping behavior, as defined by its effects and modulators.

It sounds like your plug-in effect is telling FMOD Studio that it is still processing audio, and that it should keep the event alive. Information on this behavior can be found in this section of our API documentation.

Yeah, perfect. ShouldIProcess method is what I’m missing now, so it will be that thing.