Stopping triggered events depending on the value of a parameter

Hi all,

I´m working in a project which, basically, the the player has to capture a target.
Every time the player enters in the target´s zone the target´s main event is triggered. In this event i have different instruments related to the target that work as intended.
My problem arises when the player is close enough (i used parameter built-in distance), it will trigger a single instrument with the target´s theme. So far so good.

But i´d love to be able to change the volume (and add a eq filter of the theme), depending on another parameter (cone angle).
So, for example i designed something like this in 3 different audio tracks:

a) Distance (0-30) /Event cone (0-90) High volume / no filters
b) Distance (0-30) / Event cone (91-150) Medium volume / small filter (adding a multiband eq)
c) Distance (0-30) / Event cone (151-180) Medium volume / Big filter (adding a multiband eq)

Problem arises when the player is, for example in a) but enters in b), because the single instrument in a) is still playing and both outputs get mixed.

So my question is:

Is it possible to stop an instrument when another is triggered?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

The “cut” button on the instrument should make it stop when the conditions aren’t met anymore. Shouldn’t that resolve your problem?

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It worked!.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Is it possible to make the transition between events no so steep?. I mean, with a fade out (in the ending instrument) and a fade in (in the incoming instrument).

Thank you again.

Yes, add an AHDSR modulator on the volume of the instrument (right click), and set the release.

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Ty very much :smiley:

I´ve come across another problem (i´m starting to get familiar with FMOD)…In my Distance parameter, I´d like to trigger a theme song once the player has reached -for example- 30 game distance units away from the emitter. And, if the player goes to 60 , another theme song (more calm, because there are no enemies). In short it would be like:

  • List item

Distance 30-60: Song A.

  • List item

Distance 60-100: Song B.

Problem is that if -for example- the player is at 50m away from the emitter (almost at the end of the range of distance of Song A) , the volume of Song A is lower that if the player was closer to emitter (for instance at 35m, in the beggining of the distance range).
I don´t want this to happen, i want the theme songs to work as background music with simple AHDSR modulators for transitions…so
Is any way of preventing the drop of volume as player gets away of the emitter in background theme songs?
Thank you again :slight_smile:

Just remove the spatializer. If it’s a background music, you probably don’t want it to be panned or attenuated relatively to its position. Your automation based on distance and cone angle will still work.

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Thank you!!! <3 :slight_smile: