Event Instruments in Parameter Sheets never untrigger / stop?

I am on FMOD Studio 2.02.15

I swear this behaviour was different: I have a room id int parameter sheet, where I pass the room id from my game to fmod and then I have fmod play appropriate music and ambience per room.

It works, but when I leave the parameter range, while the AHDSR (either on the event instrument, or in the instruments inside the event) does work properly and things fade out, there remains a virtual voice tracking its place in the audio … forever, for every time I enter the event. Soon, if we assume many room changes, there are a whole bunch of virtual voices that do nothing.

(also, if I don’t have AHDSR set up at all, the event instrument simply does not untrigger and continues audibly playing regardless of parameter value).

I am pretty sure this wasn’t working like this before. I am like 80% sure that a few months ago, still on 2.02 but probably a much lower minor version, when changing the room parameter, the events that where no longer in the parameter range would simply fade out and then stop properly. Did something change? Is it intended? How am I supposed to do this and not have extra virtual voices I don’t need?

I have prepared a video attempting to explain this better, please watch it: FMOD Event untriggering issues - YouTube

I am not crazy, it used to work correctly / differently, I just check with 2.02.04 : FMOD Studio 2.02.04 works correctly - YouTube

A bunch of events are spawned when I spam room IDs but after a little while after their AHDSRs are done they get stopped, which is what I want.

So the behaviour did change, so the question becomes, is the new behaviour a bug, or is it an intended change (and if it is an intended change, how should I reorganise this event to get something similar to the old behaviour?).


Thank you for the videos you provided, they were extremely helpful when reproducing the bug. I have confirmed the issue and passed it on to our development team to look into further. Unfortunately, there isn’t a workaround at this time. Once there are updates on the case, I will update you here.

Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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