Straight out the box I get a "'EventInstance' does not contain a definition for 'setParameterValue' and no accessible extension method 'setParameterValue' accepting a first argument of type 'EventInstance' could be found"

I have a project that I’m porting, and for some reason I get this error every time I install FMOD, (latest), not sure why it happens. The Unity version it was started on was no longer available so I upgraded, I setup the project again on the same version and don’t get these errors, I have no idea why and really at the end as far as ideas go (been working with C# about 6 months). When I copy the setParameterValue stuff from fmod_studio.cs it give me and error

“EntryPointNotFoundException: FMOD_Studio_EventInstance_SetParameterValue”

And the scene doesn’t load up.

It was working when I commented out the AudioManager method that uses it but apparently there’s a scene that slows down the music that relies on it so I would like to get that working as it’s important in conveying the tone.

I hope this is descriptive enough, help!

Edit: FYI I can play the ENTIRE game and have no audio issues/errors with the exception of that slow down scene but that scene is sadly massively critical to the narrative

It sounds like you have some old script that needs updating, in FMOD 2.0 we changed the parameter API slightly, you can read about the changes in our what’s new.