Strange folders in build folder

Hello, i have been noticing strange empty folders in my build location. It started few months ago i would say. I can not pin point when does this happen but i seem to find it from time to time.
It is happening to other collegues, not just me.
It is located in Ue4 project folder\Content\Audio\Fmod folder
There is one platform build, that Desktop build is there with it`s folder and it works.
These folders are empty but i wanted to check anyway with you about it.



Thanks for reporting this.

Those folders mirror the directory structure we create in the UE4 content browser to hold the assets created to wrap FMOD Studio items but the folders are not normally created on disk in current versions of the integration because those assets are only ever created in memory. The only way I could get UE4 to create those disk folders was by choosing the folders in the content browser, right clicking, and selecting “Show in Explorer”, and even then it would only create the folder which I asked it to show, so to get all of them to be created I’d have to do that for each of the folders in the content browser.

It sounds like in your case these folders have been created without you doing anything special? I’ve tested on UE4.24 and UE4.25 with our 2.00 and 2.01 releases since October last year and I haven’t been able to get it to happen without using the “Show in Explorer” command. Which version of UE4 & the FMOD integration are you using?

You are correct, i am not doing anything special.
I am using UE 4.25.3 and Fmod 2.01.07. 64-bit

Okay, well I’m afraid I can’t explain what’s happened here. I’ll add an issue to our tracker for this and see if our QA can come up with a repro for it, in the meantime you should be able to delete or ignore those empty folders without any consequence.