UE 4.12.4 doesn't see banks - what am I missing ?

I installed FMOD Studio, configured build folder to point to the same folder as specified in UE4 (/Content/FMOD/ ).

When I build project in FMOD Studio (1.0.8, the latest), it builds into FMOD/mobile/ folder instead of FMOD/ (and there is no way to remove subfolder name for target platform). On top of that when I load UE4, there is no content inside Content/FMOD in the Assets browser. Not when I launcher UE4 initially and not when I rebuild banks in FMOD Studio while UE4 is opened.

I can see bank files in the Windows browser, but not inside UE4 as if it doesn’t “see” them at all.

What am I missing? I followed instructions to the tee, I can see FMOD is active in UE4.

Please help!

Thanks beforehand

Alright, there seem to be a bug. Regardless of the platform set in FMOD Studio, UE4 plugin will only see banks if they are located in FMOD/Desktop folder

Since my project if for Android, default (and proper) subfolder name is FMOD/Mobile and UE4 plugin does not recognize that folder. Renaming it into Desktop fixes the issue, but I don’t know yet how that will affect deployment to Android.

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Thanks a lot for this information! Seems like the bug still exists after two years…

I tried to open the built bank (only the masterbank with one assigned event to it) from the subfolder FMOD/Surround in UE 4.19.2, but it didn’t work until renaming the folder back to FMOD/Desktop.

I got it - basically I just have to build for 2 platforms - Desktop and Mobile. This way I get to work with banks in UE4 and have sound on Android.