FMod Built, but no Event folder



I am using FMod for Unreal. In FMod studio, I have assigned all events to a MasterBank. The build seems fine when I do File->Build. But in the FMOD folder within my Unreal project (ie /Content/FMOD/) only has /Desktop/ folder in side. I have double checked in FMODStudio->Edit->Preference->Build to ensure the location is correct. Am I missing something?

Please help.



I checked my FMOD directory and it also only has a Desktop directory. The banks are inside of the Desktop directory. The Desktop directory holds the banks used for a Desktop platform. Likewise, if you specify a PS4 platform, you would see a PS4 directory in there as well.

If you look in Preferences -> Build, you will see “Project Platforms”. You should see “Desktop” in there. If you select it, you should see “Output sub-directory” that has “Desktop” below it. If you change that to, say, “Windows”, then Build again, you will see a “Windows” directory in your FMOD directory. The “Windows” directory will now contain your banks. I do find it odd that the “Desktop” directory remains even with nothing in it. I would have figured the Build process would remove the empty directory when it removed the bank files.


This answer is correct: Each folder in your build directory is named after one of the platforms you have defined in your FMOD Studio project.

Your point that we should delete empty folders when building banks is a good one. I’ll add it to our feature/improvement tracker.


Thanks for the answer guys. I am building the PC game using Unreal in windows. So I guess I should only see the Desktop folder (ie MyUnrealProject/Content/FMOD/Desktop/)
And within this folder, I see “Master” and “Master”, so I guess I have done the correct thing on the FMOD side.

On my Unreal side, I have ensured the plugin is there (i can see the FMOD under Help, and I can add FMOD Audio component in blueprints). But my /Content/FMOD/Desktop/ folder is empty in Content Browser. Also after I added a FMODAudio in a blueprint, in the Detail tab / Event drop down are empty as well.

Please help again :slight_smile: Thank you.


In the Content Browser, my Desktop folder is empty as well (I’m new to FMOD and UE, so I assume this is normal). If I look in the Events folder, I see my FMODEvents. You should see the same.

In a blueprint, to access the event and have the result be a FMODAudio Component you can use ‘Play Event Attached’. In the ‘Event’ dropdown, you should see your events listed. If you want to access an event and have the result be a FMODEvent Instance, you can use ‘Play Event At Location’ and select your event in the ‘Event’ dropdown. Use cases for both of these can be found in the documentation at

Hope this helps!


Thanks Ashaelon. my trouble is that i don’t see the Events Folder. I will look more into your link. Its gotta be to be something very simple and stupid that i have missed. Thanks!!