FMod Built, but no Event folder


I am using FMod for Unreal. In FMod studio, I have assigned all events to a MasterBank. The build seems fine when I do File->Build. But in the FMOD folder within my Unreal project (ie /Content/FMOD/) only has /Desktop/ folder in side. I have double checked in FMODStudio->Edit->Preference->Build to ensure the location is correct. Am I missing something?

Please help.


I checked my FMOD directory and it also only has a Desktop directory. The banks are inside of the Desktop directory. The Desktop directory holds the banks used for a Desktop platform. Likewise, if you specify a PS4 platform, you would see a PS4 directory in there as well.

If you look in Preferences -> Build, you will see “Project Platforms”. You should see “Desktop” in there. If you select it, you should see “Output sub-directory” that has “Desktop” below it. If you change that to, say, “Windows”, then Build again, you will see a “Windows” directory in your FMOD directory. The “Windows” directory will now contain your banks. I do find it odd that the “Desktop” directory remains even with nothing in it. I would have figured the Build process would remove the empty directory when it removed the bank files.

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This answer is correct: Each folder in your build directory is named after one of the platforms you have defined in your FMOD Studio project.

Your point that we should delete empty folders when building banks is a good one. I’ll add it to our feature/improvement tracker.

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Thanks for the answer guys. I am building the PC game using Unreal in windows. So I guess I should only see the Desktop folder (ie MyUnrealProject/Content/FMOD/Desktop/)
And within this folder, I see “Master” and “Master”, so I guess I have done the correct thing on the FMOD side.

On my Unreal side, I have ensured the plugin is there (i can see the FMOD under Help, and I can add FMOD Audio component in blueprints). But my /Content/FMOD/Desktop/ folder is empty in Content Browser. Also after I added a FMODAudio in a blueprint, in the Detail tab / Event drop down are empty as well.

Please help again :slight_smile: Thank you.

In the Content Browser, my Desktop folder is empty as well (I’m new to FMOD and UE, so I assume this is normal). If I look in the Events folder, I see my FMODEvents. You should see the same.

In a blueprint, to access the event and have the result be a FMODAudio Component you can use ‘Play Event Attached’. In the ‘Event’ dropdown, you should see your events listed. If you want to access an event and have the result be a FMODEvent Instance, you can use ‘Play Event At Location’ and select your event in the ‘Event’ dropdown. Use cases for both of these can be found in the documentation at

Hope this helps!

Thanks Ashaelon. my trouble is that i don’t see the Events Folder. I will look more into your link. Its gotta be to be something very simple and stupid that i have missed. Thanks!!

i am also facing the same problem. did you found out what the problem was??
there is no Events folder in my FMOD after building in fmod.

Can you confirm that the version of the FMOD Unreal Integration that you’re using matches the version of Unreal you’re using, as well as the version of FMOD Studio that you’re using?

I have done all these things, and my events don’t make it into Unreal. I have tried the same with three versions of UE4 on MacOS Catalina. It doesn’t work in any of them. I’ve tried it with 2.0 and 2.01. I am matching the correct integrations with the correct versions. The plugin/integration is going into the appropriate plugins folder for the engine. My build banks are set up correctly. Unreal doesn’t seem to know that FMOD has been installed. It’s as if the integrations just don’t exist, even though I am sure I have followed the instructions correctly. I have no problems on my Windows PC for several versions of UE4, up to 4.24.3, and they all work. 4.25 won’t even launch, and I have done all the patches. It just crashes and blames FMOD. Okay, maybe something is still broken there, but I have installed the integration many times before (on Mojave) and have had no problems. Is Catalina the issue?

Also, the Epic Launcher and the plugins manager in Unreal are both not showing FMOD for every single version. When I build, all that happens is that a new directory folder appears within my content\FMOD folder. So it’s building something. Empty folders. I definitely enabled the “Project Platforms” desktop option. The one and only thing I haven’t tried is to push my events over as something other than PCM. I haven’t tried to do it with Vorbis, for example. I have the feeling it wouldn’t matter.

Do you have write permissions for the build folder? If you don’t have write permissions for the folder, it would explain why the bank files are not being written to that location.

Is the build folder subject to some form of source control, or synced to a file upload service such as dropbox? Both source control and synchronized folders can interfere with FMOD Studio['s ability to write files to a location, and so may prevent banks from being built to a location in some cases. Try setting your built bank output directory to a different location, and see if that helps.

Thanks for the reply. I will be able to investigate your suggestions later today. The plugin itself isn’t showing up in Unreal. My FMOD folder shows up in my content browser, but when I build out of FMOD to that directory with “Desktop” enabled, it only makes empty folders so far. I will let everyone know if your solution works. This particular computer isn’t one I’d normally use. It’s associated with a specific job, they’re forcing me to use it. It does have a Windows side, so if all else fails, I’ll try it that way. I have UE4 and FMOD installed and working on so many computers, I’m very used to installing them and setting up the integrations. I’d be surprised if it was some kind of obvious user error.

Thanks again! I’ll report back.


Forget that. Using VM for Windows seems to sit right on top of MacOS. Not worth it. Still struggling.

Why is the plugin not showing up? I’m doing the integration in the same way I always have, which doesn’t appear to have changed in the documentation.

I’m afraid I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue, so I’m not sure why this isn’t working for you.

Are there any error messages or warnings in your Unreal Editor logs when you install the FMOD integration? Does the process of installing the FMOD integration seem any different to what you remember it being?

I’m following the same procedure that I’ve always followed installing the integration. I’ve done it so many times (successfully), I can’t imagine that I’m doing that part wrong.

I have had the exact same problem on two different computers so far. One is my Widows 10 workstation at home, and the other is on a MacBook Pro running Catalina. I get exactly the same type of message and editor crash.