Streaming virtualized assets

I would like to know if virtualized instances of a streamed asset are also streamed. Is streaming is stopped when the instance of event is virtualized?

I have a long streamed loop that could be instancied more than the max allowed then virtualized.



Virtualization means the event instance is muted but the playback cursor continues to move. Once the event instance becomes real again, it will seek the audio file to the position of the playback cursor. So yes, virtualization will work with streaming assets.

As I understood the initial question, I think he wanted to know (and I’d like to know also myself) if a virtualized streamed instance continues to generates I/O access on the drive while virtualized. If I understand correctly, the answer is yes?

It doesn’t, when an Event is virtualized and internally voices are muted, the Core Engine virtual voice system will send that muted voice virtual. A virtual stream will keep track of the passage of time, but all streaming is paused until it becomes real again. Once real the stream will seek to the correct place and resume normal streaming.

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That is actually what I asked.
If a virtualized event was only muted, the process would be called simply “auto muting”. then when called by a virtualized event a stream would be paused. Your answer is clear-cut.