SVN with FMOD Desginer

We’re having problems with 2 users using the same Session file.
I have local saved changes.
I updated via svn,
now there’s a conflict,
svn says there is a conflict between my session and theirs.
If i choose theirs i will loose my work and the session gets corrupted and is left blank, no events no folders nothing.

Any suggestions on how to use versioning software (svn specifically)

FMOD Designer, as a legacy product, had only limited support for multi-user collaboration: To avoid the prolem you have encountered, each person collaborating on the same should edit a different FMOD Designer project file (.fsp) within a single shared workspace. Unfortunately, if you have already started collaborating on the same project file, there is no way to avoid overwriting each others’ changes.

If at all possible, I recommend upgrading to FMOD Studio, which has much better support for multi-user collaboration, and supports a variety of source control integrations.

Thanks for your help Joseph!