Two designers working in parallel


I’ve been doing small game projects in Fmod for a while now, and up until now i’ve doing all sound work by my self.
Recently though, me and a good friend of mine decided to start working together as a sound design and composition duo. Neither of us have work in parallel with someone else in Fmod and we’re looking for best practices doing so.

I’ve used Perforce in most projects, but can’t say that i really understand it well. I usually have our programmer helping me out with any issues (also the guy who has the server)

Do most people use GitHub? Or is the another way, like send banks over google drive or something like that? A very nooby question, but if anyone has any good material or tutorials for this, please send them my way :slight_smile:

If you’re using Perforce, it’s probably best to keep using that. FMOD Studio’s perforce integration is built to allow multiple users to work on an FMOD Studio project simultaneously. Once the source control integration is set up, all you need to do is select “File > Source Control > Sync Latest, Merge & Commit…” whenever you want to get the latest changes made by other users or commit your latest changes to your Perforce depot.

Whether you use the Perforce integration to send banks over the network or send them by some other means depends on your team’s workflow preferences. If everyone is comfortable building the banks locally, you can do that; if you’d prefer to have the Perforce integration handle it, you can check the “enable source control integration for built banks” setting in the “Source Control” tab of the preferences dialog; and if you’d prefer to send banks via some other method, we won’t stop you.

I haven’t conducted a survey, but I suspect not, as there is no GitHub integration packaged with FMOD Studio, and using another source control integration would make a GitHub repository redundant.

Thank you for you respons!

Regarding Perforce, I’ve only used it because a programmer i’ve worket with has a local server set up for it. The cost of using Perforce cloud services is quite ridiculous, so it’s not really an option for us when working with other clients.

We’re gonna look into git and try to learn it. SourceTree seems like a good option for us.

Thank you again for all the info! It was very helpful =)

I’ve found online source control to be unusable in terms of speed. One of the projects I work on has another sound designer in Germany, and we don’t often work on the same thing. We often check to see what each other is working on to make sure there aren’t clashes, and commit to source control offline making sure we’ve updated to incorporate their work before building banks etc.