Switch lotcheck question clarification with Tick class

Does the Unity integration of FMOD use nn::os::Tick class?

Yes FMOD does use nn::os::Tick.

This is something that we should mention in the docs.
I have made a task to add this to the Switch docs for a future release.

Is this still true in FMOD 2.00.10?

Yes, here is the reference from our Switch API documentation:

Guideline 0166: “Prohibitions when using system ticks in calculations”. This guideline advises developers to avoid reducing the precision of nn::os::Tick as it can cause problems when the values are quite large. As part of the submission process developers will be asked if they use this API, you must respond with yes. FMOD uses it internally in a way that respects potential wraparound and does not pose a problem to your game.

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Thanks mathew, Can you please provide a link to the online docs?
I have more questions regarding guidelines and legal and hope it is covered there.

We don’t have console specific docs available online.
You can get them as part of our API installer for Switch though.

If you have anything overly Switch specific to ask, please use the locked Switch forum, access is available to all verified Switch developers.