FMOD Integration with Unreal 5 - FTicker Error

Hi, I am trying to integrate FMOD with Unreal Engine 5.0 and during the build I keep running into the following error:

Error C4996 ‘FTicker::RemoveTicker’: Please use thread-safe FTSTicker, see the migration guide in the code comment above Please update your code to the new API before upgrading to the next release, otherwise your project will no longer compile. VerticalSlice D:\Project\VerticleSlice\Plugins\FMODStudio\Source\FMODStudioEditor\Private\FMODStudioEditorModule.cpp

Would be very grateful if someone could help me out with this!

I haven’t found any issues with the latest version of FMOD when packaging to Windows. What version of FMOD are you using, and what platform are you packaging to?
Can you please set the Logging Level to “LEVEL LOG” in Edit>Project Settings…>Plugins>FMOD Studio>ADVANCED and share a full log when doing a build?

We are using unreal engine 5.0 build from source. Downloading and placing FMOD plugin 2.02.05 for unreal into a plugin folder and trying to compile the project gives the error shown in a previous post.

It looks like FTicker has been deprecated in the 5.0 branch- is that the branch you are using? I will pass this over to the Dev team to fix up. In the meantime, it looks like FTicker isn’t currently deprecated in the ue5-early-access branch so I suggest using that while we work on a solution.

any update on this? my team is using a custom build off of UE 5.0EA and the latest FMOD Plugin package for 5 off the FMOD website still gives this FTicker issue when building.

the ue5-early-access tree you pointed to is 404

I have fixed the link for this (our github branches had a bit of a restructure). It can now be found at:

It also contains the fix for the FTicker issue, although the version on our downloads page also has this. If you are still experiencing issues can you please supply any logs you may have.

Hi @cameron-fmod. I’ve tried every UE5.0 FMOD plugin pack in our project in the game/plugins/ folder, and every one fails. We’re running a custom build off of Unreal Version: 5.0.0-0+++UE5+Release-5.0-EarlyAccess

If you could tell me which FMOD plugin version I should be using with that version of Unreal, I’d happily send some logs your way for further troubleshooting.

If you are getting Error C4996 ‘FTicker::RemoveTicker’ then you will need to use 2.02.06 or higher. Since you are using a custom UE build, you will also need to recompile the plugin for it to work correctly.