Callbacks not working on Switch?


I’ve been trying to get event callbacks to run on Switch, specifically beat callbacks. Not having much luck. Everything works fine on PC.

I used the timeline callback example as a base, which has the [AOT.MonoPInvokeCallback(typeof(FMOD.Studio.EVENT_CALLBACK))] attribute and so on.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Or what else I need to be looking out for?


Which version of FMOD are you using?
There were bugs concerning timeline markers fixed in 2.00.11 and 2.00.13.

Thanks, shall try it out and report back!

Updating to 2.00.13 broke il2cpp compilation.

Going to 2.00.11 allows me to build, but the beat callbacks are still broken.

Updating to 2.00.13 broke il2cpp compilation

Thanks for letting us know about this - it should be fixed in the next release.

When will this version be live?

Still struggling to get beat callbacks to work on Switch, maybe they’ll work in 2.00.13/14?


We’re aiming to release the next version in the next couple of weeks. If you want to test beat callbacks in version 2.00.13, you should be able to fix the compilation error by selecting Assets/Plugins/FMOD/src/Runtime/fmodplugins.cpp and enabling Switch in the inspector:

Just following up to say that 2.00.14 has now been released. Have you had a chance to try it?

Sorry for the slight delay.

Can confirm that callbacks still do not work.

Is there any other option to check when a new beat comes in? Literally all of my rhythm game is driven by this.


I’m now just retrieving timeline position and figuring out what beat I’m on from there.

I didn’t test callbacks on more recent versions, so maybe they are working there.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry to hear that this is still not working for you. Testing here indicates that timeline callbacks are working on Switch in the latest version of FMOD, so perhaps the problem lies elsewhere. Would you be able to send us your source code so we can try to reproduce the issue here?