Syncing Snapshot Instrument w/ Asynchronous Instrument

Hello all.

I would like to have a snapshot instrument active whenever a certain event is playing. Problem is, the event only contains one track, an asynchronous instrument (a programmer instrument, if you think it matters). So, even if, in studio, I use a snapshot instrument and align it with the other instrument perfectly, obviously the snapshot instrument will only take into account the playback position of the whole event, and not that of the async sound being played, resulting in ending the snapshot effects too soon or too late.

I know I could activate and deactivate the snapshot via script, depending on the playback state of the event in question, but I was wondering if there was any way to achieve this in Studio.

Thank you all for your time. =)

It is possible to do this within FMOD Studio.

  1. Instead of placing the snapshot instrument on the event’s timeline, add a parameter to the event and place the snapshot instrument at the high end of the parameter.
  2. Add a sidechain to the track that contains the programmer instrument.
  3. Add a sidechain modulator to the parameter value.
  4. Right-click on the sidechain modulator, and set its sidechain input to the track that contains programer instrument.
  5. Set the modulator’s “Amount” property to 100%, and its threshold properties to -59 dB.

You never need to set the value of the new parameter. Instead, when you play the event, its playback position immediately sets itself to the maximum value, triggering the snapshot. The parameter playback position then stays at that value until the audio track’s output falls below -59 dB, at which point the parameter playback position returns to its initial value, untriggering the snaphot and allowing the event to stop.


It worked like a charm! I had to set the threshold a bit lower though because of intervals between sentences.
I knew there would be a way! Gotta love FMOD…

Thank you again. =)

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