System::init failed for user without Run as Admin

I just received a report from a user that my game was crashing unless he executed it with “Run as Administrator”. I checked the log file and saw that System::init was failing with return value FMOD_ERR_OUTPUT_INIT. (The crash was later, in my code; I was trying to create a DSP unit, which also failed, and then dereferencing that pointer without checking).

The game was built against FMOD Studio 1.03.00. Unfortunately, I don’t have much more information on the issue yet. I’ll paste my initialization code below, and I’ll update this post after I gather relevant OS and hardware information from the user.

#define FMOD_ERROR_CHECK( func ) \
	ASSERT( Result == FMOD_OK ); \
	if( Result != FMOD_OK ) \
	{ \
		PRINTF( "FMOD: " #func ": 0x%08X\n", Result ); \

Result = FMOD::System_Create( &m_FMODSystem );
FMOD_ERROR_CHECK( System_Create );

uint Version = 0;
Result = m_FMODSystem->getVersion( &Version );
FMOD_ERROR_CHECK( getVersion );

Result = m_FMODSystem->getOutput( &FMODOutput );
FMOD_ERROR_CHECK( getOutput );
PRINTF( "FMOD: Default output type: 0x%08X\n", FMODOutput );

int NumDrivers = 0;
Result = m_FMODSystem->getNumDrivers( &NumDrivers );
FMOD_ERROR_CHECK( getNumDrivers );

ASSERT( NumDrivers > 0 );
if( NumDrivers <= 0 )
	PRINTF( "FMOD: No sound drivers available.\n" );
	Result = m_FMODSystem->setOutput( FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_NOSOUND );
	FMOD_ERROR_CHECK( setOutput );

const int MaxChannels = 1000;
Result = m_FMODSystem->init( MaxChannels, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, NULL );
FMOD_ERROR_CHECK( init ); // (This is line 85, mentioned in the log file below)

And the relevant part of the log file states:

FMOD: Default output type: 0x00000008
Assertion failed: "Result == FMOD_OK" ()
in FMODAudioSystem::FMODAudioSystem in .\src\fmodaudiosystem.cpp at line 85
FMOD: init: 0x00000038

Are you able reproduce this with the logging version of FMOD? It will output the exact internal error code if you can.