The Studio::bank::getLoadingState interface cannot get the correct loading status

Load the bank through the Studio.System.loadBankFile interface,the flags is LOAD_BANK_FLAGS.NONBLOCKING.When I get the loading state of the bank through the Studio::bank::getLoadingState interface, it always returns ‘UNLOADED’. As a result, I can’t know what the bank is loaded in time.My unity version is 2020.3.33f1 and fmod version 2.02.04.There will be no such problem on unity version 2020.3.33f1 and fmod version 2.00.10.Is there something wrong with my settings? Who can help me?

If a bank is already loaded into the FMOD Studio system, calling Studio.System.loadBankFile will silently fail and the bank variable you are using will return UNLOADED since that particular bank variable wasn’t loaded.

You can use FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.HasBankLoaded(bankName) to check if a particular bank is loaded or Studio.System.getBankList to get a list of all banks loaded.

Thank you for your reply.I’m sure it’s not loaded into the FMOD Studio system.I didn’t load the same bank repeatedly.
Because asynchronous loading is used,FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.HasBankLoaded(bankName) cannot correctly check whether this bank is loaded.
If you judge whether the loading is completed according to the status of Studio.System.getBankList, sometimes an error of eventnotfoundexception will be reported when creating an eventInstance immediately.

Are you able to share your script? I’m able to use HasBankLoaded fine when I set the Unity settings to not load any banks on initialization.